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2019 HIA Award Winning New Home Design
Don't Build Any Homes, Build With Award Winning Vogue Homes
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Vogue Homes
Virtual Display Village
3D Virtual Tour
2019 HIA Award Winning New Home Design
Don't Build Any Homes, Build With Award Winning Vogue Homes
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Sydney's Leading Home Builder - Your Lifestyle, Your Choice, Your Vogue Home.

Our team of experienced builders will guide you through the entire process from design meetings all the way until move-in day.

Award Winning Designs

38 Years Building Experience


Vast Design Range and choice

Home Builders Sydney Offers

Vogue Home Builders Sydney offers award-winning designs that perfectly fit your family, your land location or size, and your budget. Our selection runs from single storey to multiple storey homes with rooms for everything and everything that you want around you.

We promise versatility and flexibility in what we do, ensuring that every space connects with the others to create a modern, timeless indoor-outdoor integration. Our primary commitment is to build a home that will make everyone in your family find ultimate comfort, protection, and happiness.

Award-Winning Luxury Home Builders Sydney

Whether you are planning to knock down rebuild or want to rebuild a custom home, we have the right team of highly experienced team for you. Our well-trained and skilled customer service teams are committed to bringing your dream house to life, with all added options with most builders as included in our standard price. No stone is left unturned when it comes to transforming your home. This gives us the reputation of a trustworthy and professional builder of homes in Sydney.

Luxury Home Builders Sydney

Don’t take chances when it comes to your dream home. Hire the best home builder in Sydney, “Vogue Homes” to build it for you.

You are ready to begin building a dream home for your family. Your money is now going towards an asset that meets your families needs and that will grow in value over time. At Vogue Homes, we believe that every individual or family deserves a perfect home with extensive list of luxurious inclusions as standard.

Vogue Homes is your most reliable and experienced partner in building the ideal home façade that suits your lifestyle and needs. We know how much it means to you to have the right home builder that is adept in creating high-quality and beautiful homes. Our wide array of traditional to contemporary designs is ready for your perusal.

If you are still curious about how we do our job, you can visit any of our fully furnished display homes to see for yourself why our clients chose us to build their homes. At Vogue Homes, we will provide you with the Right! Price tender – meaning most luxury inclusions such as alfresco area is included in our standard price.

Vogue Homes is your Premium Home Builder Sydney Team

  • Reliable and Experienced Luxury Home Builders

  • Wide array of traditional or contemporary designs for Sydney Homes

  • Luxury Area Inclusions in every home for standard pricing

  • Fully furnished display homes to see anytime with virtual tours

  • Award winning home design

  • Timeless indoor-outdoor integration in building

When you are building a new home, it can be challenging to find the perfect builder. There are so many options out there that it is hard to know where to start. Vogue Homes Home Builders Sydney knows how important this decision is and have made the process much easier for their clients. They work with you every step of the way, from design planning through construction and completion of your project with prestige.

  • Using only quality materials which will last throughout time

  • Quality craftsmanship by experienced tradespeople who take pride in a job well done

  • Attention to detail during every stage of development, such as design, planning and construction

  • One-stop service for all your needs during the homebuilding process

They provide a cost-effective solution to building a new home without sacrificing quality or taste with their talent in design. They will work closely with you on the place where you live so that you can share in this exciting adventure.

You’ll enjoy working one on one from start to finish with an experienced team who takes pride in every step of development, including designing the exterior look and interior layouts until completion, including landscaping, outdoor living areas, etc.

Vogue Homes Home builders are excellent home builders who build houses in style and on-trend. They have a team of designers who work tirelessly to ensure that their homes reflect the latest trends in home design.

In addition, they use only the finest materials and craftsmanship to construct their homes. As a result, their homes are beautiful and built to last.

If you are looking for a stylish and durable home, then Vogue Homes is the home builder for you. Vogue Homes offers a wide variety of floor plans to choose from, so you can find the perfect home for your family.

They also provide several different styles of homes, so you can find one that fits your taste. In addition, Vogue Homes offers many various amenities, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and more. As a result, you will be able to find the perfect home for your family’s needs. Contact Vogue Homes today to learn more about their fantastic home building services.

“We are passionate about what we do because it’s not just our job; it’s our life.”

View our gallery to start getting inspiration on your new Vogue Home.

Your Lifestyle, Your Choice, Your Vogue Home.

Why Build A Luxury Home?

It’s perfectly natural to want a safe, comfortable and accommodating home for your family. A luxury home not all satisfies all those wishes but goes the extra mile catering to your family’s specific needs and providing an environment you truly deserve.

A luxury home represents the culmination of all your hard earned work, providing you with premium comfort and flexibility, and access to live the lifestyle you’ve always desired. Let’s go through some of the features of why building a luxury home is the perfect fit for you.

One of the best features of a luxury home is the spacious seamless open plan living it offers. When designing a luxury home you have the freedom to be creative and choose exactly what the interior and exterior will look like, what rooms will go where, and how it all comes together. It’s an open canvas to express your wishes and personal touches.

With greater space at your disposal you can design your home to contain separate functional practical areas for different activities, and also communal areas for the family to spend quality time together.

You’re free to create rooms tailored to different purposes. You can design the ultimate cinema experience, or a children’s activity area, providing a space where different family members can enjoy their favourite pastimes. You can also have different rest and rumpus rooms where you can opt to go if you’re looking for some tranquillity or to listen to your favourite music. The possibilities are endless and you’re in charge of exactly how you want to utilise all the extra space on offer.

Security plays a major role in today’s modern world. You want to make sure that your family is safe and your valuables are protected at all times. A luxury home offers an ideal avenue to give you that peace of mind.

With additional resources at your disposal, a luxury home is able to be designed and built factoring in all relevant privacy and security concerns. This includes integrated home security systems and surveillance cameras, inbuilt privacy screens, discrete safes, and secure fencing and landscaping.

When designing your home you can speak to your builder to make sure any security considerations are factored in right from the very start of the building design process.

Over the last couple of years the types of technological advancements that can be applied to your home have come along in leaps and bounds. New modern luxury homes can be built with smart technology that not only enhances security but provides an unrivalled level of convenience.

From a security perspective, luxury homes are able to utilise the latest in fully integrated security systems and motion detectors to secure your windows and doors.

If you’re looking for convenience, there are a myriad of digital interfaces that can be incorporated throughout your home offering you control and comfort all at the touch of a button. Some of these convenient devices include; radiant heat systems, smart lighting, shade control, and comprehensive entertainment systems.

If you’re looking for a home that reflects the status and grandiosity you’re after, a luxury home is the perfect avenue to do so. Grand beautiful designs, tall ceilings, sprawling balconies, and expansive rooms are just some of the many features that characterise a luxury home.

An added benefit of a luxury home is that if your lifestyle changes such as the development of a growing family, there’s no need to move, as your luxury home already contains ample space to accommodate not only your current but future needs.

If you love the area you live in, building a luxury home in a prime location allows you to maintain all the lifestyle benefits you’ve gotten accustomed to. Access to all types of facilities such as excellent schools, parks, and other valuable infrastructure will still remain within your local vicinity.

Additionally if you’ve been looking at upgrading your current home to something more fitting, a luxury home is a status symbol and emphasises prestige you deserve. After all your hard earned work it’s only fitting your home reflects your status in the community.

If you’re an inspired home cook, or a tech buff wanting to get the ultimate entertainment experience, a luxury home can offer you the chance to go all out and get that room you’ve always wanted.

A well designed luxurious kitchen is the heart of a home, offering spacious preparation areas and storage options, making it a central focal point where the family can get together and share a delicious home cooked meal.

Similarly a cinematic rumpus room, with the latest in sound and visual technology, can be a major drawcard in gathering the family together to enjoy the latest release or listen to their favourite tunes.

A luxury home offers you the opportunity to make that room you’ve always dreamt of a reality.

It goes without saying a luxury home can often take your breath away. Over time it has proven to be one of the most reliable investments, with a steady record of gaining value and offering significant returns.

The open space, craftsmanship, and luxury on offer, make them an attractive proposition for any prospective home buyer. Whether you envision staying in your luxury home for a while or eventually selling it down the track, you can rest assured that your home contains a number of premium highly valued distinctions that make it stand out from the market.

A luxury home is not just about being expensive and big. Rather it represents the pinnacle of design and comfort, offering a myriad of functional spaces where different activities can be enjoyed, and the family can congregate to spend quality time together. Luxury homes are able to incorporate the latest technology to offer privacy and secure protection, and provide unrivalled levels of control and convenience throughout your whole household. They even offer the opportunity for you to design your dream room, be it that gourmet kitchen or entertainment area you’ve always dreamt of. A luxury home provides long term future value. If your lifestyle needs changes such as growing a family, it’s able to accommodate increased needs, and if down the track you ever think about selling your luxury home, rest assured your home will hold exceptional value and stand head and shoulders above the rest.

What Should I Look For When Engaging With A Luxury Home Builder?

Building a luxury home is a major investment, and the builder you choose will determine not only the longevity, and overall quality of your new home, but also ensure the likelihood of a seamless professional process throughout the build.

Such an important project requires a builder with the right experience, expertise, and the ability to accurately capture a client’s preferences and make them into a reality.

Let’s start by assessing exactly what a luxury home builder is and then look at some key factors you should look out for when selecting the right builder for your luxury home.

While a builder who is relatively new in the market could do a good job, it’s still a risk going with an unproven player with such an important project. They might make big claims and have fancy designs, but without a proven track record, there’s no guarantee they can actually deliver the luxury home you’re after.

There’s no denying that experience will make a major difference in a builder’s ability to deliver a luxury home that’s right for you. An experienced builder will have industry know-how, knowledge and expertise gained through many years in the industry on exactly how to design and deliver a quality luxury home.

To assess a builder’s level of experience, look at how many years they’ve been around and what type of connections and relationships they have built with suppliers and subcontractors. This will help you to assess the type of relationships they have set up in their supply chain, and determine if they have the right connections to source and acquire any specialised materials for luxury add-ons.

As an added check you should also consider whether a builder has experience working in a particular location you’re interested in building in.

While experience will play a significant role, reputation is another important factor in finding a quality luxury home builder. In order to ensure the success of your building project, it’s imperative to work with a builder that has a long and positive track record with an excellent reputation in the industry.

In this regard, it’s important to read reviews and testimonials, and speak to any past or current clients of the builder before proceeding. This will help you assess the type of reputation the builder has earned during their time in the industry and how satisfied with their services previous clients have been.

Choosing a luxury home builder is more than just about high quality materials and extravagance. A true luxury home builder uses a high level of craftsmanship to create open functional spaces that can be tailored to their clients unique specifications. They also have the know-how to turn a client’s design ideas into workable practical solutions.

A good source to see the type of designs a builder is able to produce, is to look at their previously completed building projects. This will give you a good gauge of the level of craftsmanship they produce and the quality of finishes and extra touches they’ve been able to implement. If you’re after a particular feature or finish (ie. grand staircase, gourmet kitchen etc), this is a great opportunity to see if they’re able to make this into a reality.

When engaging in a building project you’ll be working with a builder for a long time. In order to ensure a smooth process from design all the way through to construction, it’s imperative to find a builder that is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

A great gauge of a builder’s communication style and attentiveness is by how prompt and professional they are from the very early stages of your search process. This level of interaction will also help you determine their level of helpfulness to address any building issues that may arise throughout the construction process and how receptive they are in dealing with luxurious add-ons.

At this stage make sure you get information about the mode of communication that will be used throughout the build (ie phone, email, or onsite visits). This will help to ensure you’re fully informed and both you and the builder are on the same page throughout the duration of the project.

A luxury home builder specialises in building unique, premium, and high-end homes that share a deep design connection with the client. They enable a client the freedom and flexibility to choose different design options that can be tailored to suit their particular lifestyle and budget requirements of their liking.

When looking for a builder to handle such an important and tailored building project, it’s important to take into account a number of factors. Ensure you select a builder that has a wealth of experience, industry reputation, and a portfolio of delivering successful luxury home builds. You can have a look at their previously completed homes to assess the level of workable design options and craftsmanship they can produce, and make sure you research reviews and testimonials to determine the level of customer service they have previously provided to clients.

Performing these important checks will help you select a professional and reputable luxury home builder that will ensure the entire building process runs as effectively and smoothly as possible, and you’re left with a finished luxury home that is exactly what you intended.

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by Shivaan 04/08/2023

The team at Vogue Homes are very professional and accommodating. I cannot thank them just enough!! …

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by Sunny on 31/01/2023
Vishal was our sales consultant who helped us to finalise our house plan and tender.He was very proactive and have a lot of experience and patience…

I could not be happier with the...

by Avon W. on 1/04/2023
Nathan in Sales first point of contact, amazing, professional we nutted out a custom design in under 1hr was super happy with it, were able to accommodate within my budget. Elly was fantastic…

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