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Why Build A Two Storey House

Choosing the right type and size of the house for your family is vital to ensure optimum comfort and satisfaction for many years to come. If you are in a quandary right now, Vogue Homes will help you find the ideal home. We have unique, trendy, and affordable double storey house designs that will fit your budget, lifestyle, and land.

To help you with your decision, here are the key benefits of double storey home:

  • Privacy. A double storey house plan offers easy separation of private and shared spaces. You have the home design option to put all the bedrooms upstairs, away from the living, dining, and kitchen areas. It promotes extra privacy, allowing other members of the family to enjoy the comfort of their rooms while you are entertaining friends below. By splitting the house, you can successfully separate socialising and relaxing modes, letting everyone have their activities without disturbing the others.
  • More living space. Opting for a double storey design structure gives you an equivalent of two single storey homes. A bigger floor plan gives you a dedicated space for a home office or a home entertainment area. The entry-level of the house offers space for everybody’s social activities and family bonding. You can add more storage areas or a guest room easily on this house design.
  • Multi-generational living. This is the advantage of a double storey house design, allowing you to add an extra bedroom with ensuites downstairs for your in-laws. In terms of property resale appeal, multi-generational living is highly considerable in some areas of Sydney.
  • Maximum use of the land. Double story house plan can build up the best option if you have a small land area. It allows you to have good-sized spaces for bedrooms and living areas. It also leaves a ground space for a swimming pool, a garage, or an alfresco area. If you have little children or pets, the lawn is perfect for their outdoor play and other activities.
  • More breathtaking views. A double storey house design gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the panorama of your area. If you prefer to maximise the natural light on the upper storey, we can customise your house design to get this benefit. Another way to harness natural lighting is opting for strategically placed windows that are also aesthetically attractive.
  • Greater street appeal. When it comes to appearance, the double storey plan structure is more impressive. Vogue Homes have lovely and elegant designs for your perusal. Choosing one with a balcony is a wonderful decision.
  • Better investment. Based on the factors mentioned above, this design delivers greater returns and benefits. Most people, especially with kids, welcome the idea of having separate private and public areas. It is most helpful for growing children who need more privacy and space of their own.
  • Win-win advantage. The construction cost may be higher, but purchasing a small land area costs less than the size of land that a single storey home requires.

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