DA Approved Plans

Have DA ready plans? Want to get the next stage so you can get your new home started?

Provide us with your DA approved plans and associated documentation and we will provide you with a Right!Price Tender.

All you need to do is pay only $2,000 and we will guarantee a transparent, upfront and inclusive tender for your new home build within 2 weeks – no matter the build type, difficulty or location.

We have been building for so long, that we are confident we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive price and that is why we will match or beat any other builders price while comparing like for like. If we can’t, we will pay you $2,000!

Why postpone any longer? Start a conversation with one of our New Home Consultants today!

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This promotion is available up to 31st November 2021, inclusive. In order for us to provide a Right!Price Tender, the client must provide all DA documentation (and other documents they may have relating to the build/land) to Vogue Homes and pay a non-refundable $2,000 initial fee. The two (2) week Right!Price Tender guarantee will start from the day Vogue Homes receive all DA documentation. For Vogue Homes to complete a comparison check, the client must provide a fixed price tender from another reputable builder. Vogue Homes will evaluate the other builders fixed priced tender in order to compare like for like to our quality and standards. Should the other builders fixed tender not be like for like, Vogue Homes will not price match nor beat said fixed price tender and Vogue Homes will not pay the client $2,000. If Vogue Homes does complete a like for like comparison and does choose to beat or match another builders fixed price tender and the client decides to not proceed, Vogue Homes will not pay the client $2,000. If Vogue Homes cannot match or beat the other comparable builder’s like for like, fixed priced tender, we will pay the client $2,000.