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Storage! The Laundry Edition

Horizontal photo female hands putting dirty laundry into washing machine

By Kathleen Aked from Sunday Interiors Studio

We all know storage in a laundry is so important but few of us have the money or the space to splurge in an area of the home so few people see. Trust me when I say that the laundry is space worth investing a small portion of your budget as a tidy and functional laundry will make your life so much easier in the long run!

Here is your ultimate laundry necessities checklist

Broom Cupboard

A decent sized broom cupboard should really be considered. Think about everything you will need to store in here (i.e., mop + bucket, brooms, wall mounted stick vacuum, regular vacuum, etc.) and really consider the appropriate size for you and your needs. Broom cupboards generally go up to 2400mm (with a bulkhead above), do you need all of this for your mop? You could likely get away with adding a high shelf or two for the vacuum bits and pieces or dusting cloths. I not only encourage you to consider the width but the height and what you could achieve with this.

Overhead Cupboards

(not just under-bench) Overhead cupboards really add so much more practical storage than you might think. Fantastic for storing chemicals and cleaning products rather than underneath the sink where children have direct access, these hide away everything you don’t want to be seen but that is needed for all things cleaning. Additionally because it’s at eye height, you can easily see and reach everything you could need without any strain or difficulty.

Hanging Rail

A hanging rail built into the overhead cupboards is an investment you won’t regret. Great for those quick dry items you’ve just had to put through a rise cycle and equally as useful on rainy days, you will find yourself using this daily. However, a hanging rail does make the overhead cupboard it’s attached to shorter. Not being one to look at things as all negative, these cupboards are great for storing the much-needed coat hangers rather than having them on display when no clothes are being dried. So really; it’s win-win!

Basket Drawers

Definitely not a necessity but a fantastic use of the under-bench storage and a neater alternative to having laundry baskets in bedrooms and bathrooms. It also allows you the opportunity to presort the washing into white, darks and colours prior to wash day. It’s the small things that make life the easiest.

Laundry Chute

Teaming up with the basket drawer’s suggestion, a laundry chute is an edition that might seem a little too lavish and unnecessary until you realise how many people in your home use this item on a daily basis and the added ease it brings to your life. This suggestion hopes to eliminate messy bathrooms, messy bedrooms and less treks down the stairs with dirty sheets after stripping beds. Surely, I’ve said enough to sell you on this one…

Ironing Centre

This point is not exclusive to the laundry and can be added virtually anywhere in the home but if you have the room in your laundry – then why not add it here. I’ve found these to be such an affordable option which often gets overlooked which is crazy considering how many households use these weekly if not daily. An ironing centre eliminates the need to find storage or setup space for your ironing board and iron and fits neatly inside a cupboard which can be coloured to match the existing cabinetry in the space. A clever and much needed inclusion to every home.

When planning your new home, Don’t overlook your laundry requirements. Vogue-Homes has experts to help you choose the right design and inclusions for the laundry in your new home. Contact us to talk to one of our consultants today.