What our clients think

Thank you for being so patient and helpful with me this far along, we are so happy with the service we have experienced so far from Elly and Kathleen. As well as from Rod and Chris. Chris has been awesome and we feel really lucky that he was put on our job, he is really ggood at keeping me updated and seems to have things moving along at a good rate. I am not sure what building sites are meant to look like but ours always looks organised and today. Chris has been so easy to talk to and contact with any questions we have (which are a lot as we are first time builders. Thanks
As a result of the ferocious storm we had last night, I had water dripping from my skylight in my daughter’s bedroom. I was really concerned in case it may something serious and could possibly cause more damage. I contacted your office first thing this morning and spoke to Elly who was amazing. She advised me that it would be followed up asap with the people who installed the skylight and try to get them out here asap. That is exactly what happened. I was informed throughout the day that the skylight people would be out here in the afternoon and that was the case. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything major and all has been rectified. A gentleman from your company even came past to follow up which gives me reassurance that Vogue Homes take pride in their homes. I sincerely want to thank you all for making my distressing situation so much easier and your prompt action to send your contractor out. Thank you guys.
Thank you for the congrats and thank you all (especially Elly and Kathleen) for all you do / did through my builds, hope you know it’s appreciated! Thanks!
We are thrilled with our home.
Since our first meeting with Sue and Nathan at the display home and advised them of our situation they have gone above and beyond to help us get our home built. We are still in planning stage but it’s been a great experience.
The highest commendation for the work of Benji. Benji is a real asset to your company. He is honest, trustworthy, hardworking and efficient in the work he carries out for the clients of Vogue Homes. On personal note, he is a caring employee, authentic in his interaction with clients and showing genuine understanding for client concerns. We wish Benji well in his career and future prosperity.
Helena and Scott
Elly and Kathleen always put my mind to rest as it’s all so daunting at the moment. They both always answer all my questions and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Thank you
Just to say thank you for arranging Benji to come out to our house and go through a few things and repairs he is very friendly and really good to deal with. Thanks again
Mr Ibrahim
Just a quick note to let you know that we have had a wonderful experience with Vogue. We will recommend Vogue to our friends without any hesitation. Again, THANKS so much to the Vogue Team.
Jane and John
We could not be happier with Vogue Homes, they have been amazing in all aspects of our build. I would highly recommend them to anybody that is thinking of building especially in the eastern suburbs. The inside is even more amazing than the outside. Thank you
We don’t know what more we can say or do to thank you all for all your help in the process of building our homes. The first major event and creating our new memories in our home is out twin boys 21st Birthday Party tomorrow. All 60 of my family are coming and they are looking forward o seeing our new home and celebrating with us. Take care and thank you again.
Mrs Koutsoukos
My family and I would like to thank you so very much for building our new homes and for making our dreams come true. To Rod, Benji, Kathleen, Elly, Tanya and Adam. I can’t thank you enough for guiding us through this journey, answering all our questions and especially for caring. You guys are amazing!! From the bottom of my heart I want you to know that our door is always open for all of you for a drink or two. Thank you again.
Jacky, Con and Family

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