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5 Steps to Preparing for Your Selection Meeting

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Walking into your selection meeting can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. You’re about to make a lot of decisions about your new home’s final aesthetic – you want to walk away knowing that you love how your new home is going to look.

We understand that this might feel daunting, but it doesn’t need to! Here is a simple, 5-step guide of things to consider before you see your colour consultant so that your selection meeting is a great experience, all-round!

Step 1. Know your tender inclusions, your plans and your budget

Look over your tender and remind yourself what should be included, what are the standard inclusions offered by your builder? Did you opt to upgrade anything in particular? Take a moment to revise and make sure that everything is covered.

Review your plans, familiarise yourself with the layout of your home and take note of anything you’re unsure about – your colour consultant will be able to answer any plan-related questions you have.

Doing a realistic budget of any selection-related upgrade is important, and so is being able to share this information with your colour consultant. When a colour consultant knows what parameters they’re working with; they’re able to give you better advice!

If you start on the same page as your colour consultant, it’s a lot easier to collaborate and ensure the right inclusions for your budget, style and your lifestyle.

Step 2. Developer Guidelines

Are you building within an estate or in a built-up area? Some estate developers or your local council require you to meet specific guidelines for aesthetic purposes. These requirements can affect gaining construction approval so it’s important that you adhere to them. In some circumstances, you may be eligible for a rebate for complying with guidelines that are laid out. If you’re unsure, have a look through the paperwork given to you when purchasing your land or ask your colour consultant for guidance.

Step 3. Style

Are you looking to follow some of the more prominent trends? (For example, Hamptons is quite popular at the moment.) Is there a particular colour palette that you’re drawn to? A contrast you’d like to achieve between textures?

Gather images of interior and exterior home designs that you love – you’re likely to find a recurring theme. Take these along with you or send them to your colour consultant prior to your meeting. Being prepared will help you and your colour consultant create a flow through your home that matches your style.

Step 4. Non-negotiables

What are you willing or unwilling to compromise on? A good place to start is thinking about the features that you were initially drawn to when viewing the display homes, and how these benefit your lifestyle. Many people consider their kitchen to be the most important space in their home, others are more focused on their alfresco and entertainment spaces.

Decide on what is essential to you and work out which parts of your space are worth the most investment. Considering this prior to your selection meeting will make it much easier to decide where to spend your money on upgrades.

Step 5. Complete any meetings or pre-selections requested prior to your selection meeting

Your colour consultant may request for you to complete meetings with particular suppliers or for you to make certain selections prior to your meeting; make sure you do these.

For example, you may have been asked to pre-select your bricks by visiting a brick display centre. There, you’ll get to see different styles of brick on a larger scale than what is available in a colour consultant’s studio. The natural materials within the bricks can make each brick appear slightly different to the next, meaning that comparing a singular brick to an entire wall can make a really big difference.

As mentioned in Step 1, knowing your plans and your contract will come in handy here. For the example given above, be mindful of where your bricks will be placed, whether or not you have feature bricks and ask about what ranges are available to you.

Being prepared will allow your selection meeting to run smoothly and help you avoid going over budget and feeling underwhelmed. Choosing the overall design of your dream home should be an enjoyable and creative experience, so don’t forget to have fun with it!

Your colour consultant is there to help you – ask them as many questions as you need throughout your preparation and decision-making. The most important thing is that you leave your selection meeting feeling confident and excited about your new home!