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Whether you’re after a sea change or a tree change, Newcastle has it all. Pristine beaches, heritage-listed bushland and all within close proximity to metropolitan convenience. Newcastle has come a long way from being the Steel City and is often described as city life meets country vibes.

If you’ve looking for a builder who has the local experience and intimate knowledge in building in this inviting area, you have a trusted partner here at Vogue Homes. We offer an extensive range of House and Land Packages in the Newcastle area ready to be your forever home.

Who We Are

Vogue Homes is a proud family owned and operated Australian business with more than 38 years of valuable experience in the industry. From humble small beginnings, we’ve grown to become a second-generation award-winning luxury home builder servicing Newcastle.

Let us dream with you. We strive to be flexible and responsive enough so that we can adapt to our customers’ changing needs, and provide innovative high-quality homes for our customers.

Why Us

At Vogue Homes we have a passion for building quality homes. We build them to exceed your expectations in quality, inclusions and tailored service.

Our business is centred on key practices that underlie what we do.

Home building is often a once in a lifetime experience, it’s therefore important to take the time and make sure you do it right, as this will affect how your home turns out for years down the line.

Vogue Homes is committed to designing and building homes that fit the needs of our diverse customer base. We know each customer is different and has their own unique needs, so we assign in house interior designers with every build who take into account your specific preferences.

This ensures that each innovative quality Vogue home is designed to suit our customer’s individual visions and you enjoy a truly personalised experience.

An important factor that makes us different from other builders is the value for money that we offer.

When looking at a display home, it’s easy to fall in love with all the beautiful features. Unfortunately, when you look into the details, you find out that the majority of features are optional extras often involving a sizable additional outlay.

You won’t have any of those problems with Vogue Homes. We know how hard you’ve worked to save up that hard-earned capital. With us most upgrade options come as standard inclusions, meaning you get much more for less.

Vogue Homes has been built to be a flexible builder that can meet your needs. We’re a big enough builder to be low risk to our customers, but still small enough to be nimble and offer customised service.

Overall, we are a family run business that offers customers high-quality homes with exceptional designs to match different lifestyle needs.

Newcastle is a combination of established suburbia whilst still having a growing corridor allowing for expansion that caters for new homes on privately-owned blocks or House and Land packages.

If you’re looking to make the most out of housing opportunities, you need a builder that is nimble and adaptable to meet changing housing demands. Here at Vogue Homes, we strive to be flexible enough to meet our customers’ needs.

We offer an extensive range of comprehensive building services and specialise in House & Land Packages. This building option is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to build your new home, providing greater synchronisation between your home and block, and increased visibility of the final price of your build upfront.

We have a well-established presence in Newcastle and have a number of attractive locations to choose from. With us, we’ll remove all the hassle associated with other building options and offer a comprehensive building solution that covers everything from sought after land to a customised personalised building experience.

Only a two-hour drive north of Sydney, Newcastle offers the best of both worlds, a carefree and welcoming lifestyle with all the benefits and convenience of a large city.

Compared to Sydney, property in the Newcastle region offers true value for money, with a diverse range of housing options on offer.
When it comes to employment, with a regional population of over half a million and a thriving commercial sector where there are a wide variety of opportunities available.

Newcastle also offers excellent educational facilities at all levels and boasts the world-class University of Newcastle renowned for pioneering research and innovation in a number of disciplines.

Rounded off with a multitude of pristine beaches, and a thriving restaurant and nightlife scene, this is truly an area where you want to set up home.

When building your dream home you need an experienced builder to help navigate through some of the potential challenges of building in a particular area, and also someone who has the familiarity of working with the relative councils in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Vogues Homes has the runs on the board for building quality homes in Newcastle. For House and Land packages, by coming to us, you cut out the middleman and obtain the best value for money.

We have the valuable experience of working with and adapting to obstacles that are common to the area including; sloping sites, erosion control and bushfire safety regulations. We also have a long-standing working relationship with the Newcastle City Council and know exactly how to avoid many of the common pitfalls that affect other builders who are not familiar with the area.

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4.7 from 83 Reviews

Excellent Service

by Shivaan 04/08/2023

The team at Vogue Homes are very professional and accommodating. I cannot thank them just enough!! …

So far so good

by Sunny on 31/01/2023
Vishal was our sales consultant who helped us to finalise our house plan and tender.He was very proactive and have a lot of experience and patience…

I could not be happier with the...

by Avon W. on 1/04/2023
Nathan in Sales first point of contact, amazing, professional we nutted out a custom design in under 1hr was super happy with it, were able to accommodate within my budget. Elly was fantastic…

Ready To Build? Choose Vogue-Homes, the Leading House And Land Package Builder in Newcastle

Bordered by a stunning coastline with beautiful beaches, Newcastle offers a comfortable and inviting lifestyle with all the convenience and comforts of a large city. Moving on from its beginnings as a steel hub, this modern city now boasts a thriving cultural scene and excellent infrastructure.

If you’re looking at making Newcastle your home you need a trusted building partner who has intimate knowledge of the area. Here at Vogue Homes, we’ve long had an established presence in Newcastle offering a quality range of attractive House and Land Packages. We understand that no customer is the same, so we’ll spend the time and effort to understand your unique needs, and then design a tailored building solution that’s just the right fit for your lifestyle needs.

For any of your House and Land Package needs, why not contact us today.

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