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2019 HIA Award Winning New Home Design
Don't Build Any Homes, Build With Award Winning Vogue Homes

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Vogue Homes
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2019 HIA Award Winning New Home Design
Don't Build Any Homes, Build With Award Winning Vogue Homes
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Sydney's Leading Custom Home Builder
Your Lifestyle, Your Choice, Your Vogue Home.

Our team of experienced builders will guide you through the entire process from design meetings all the way until move-in day.

Award Winning Designs

38 Years Building Experience


Vast Design Range and choice

Custom Home Builders Sydney

Custom Home Builders Sydney

Here at Vogue Homes Sydney, we understand that not one plan suits all customers or sites. Vogue Homes provides a full custom design service for residential homes, duplexes and medium density townhouse sites. This service provides the experience of the builder and the designer working together with you in the design process. 

This process delivers the best custom home designs that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Our design process allows for initial sketching and provisional tendering prior to any commitment to Vogue Homes so you have peace of mind in moving forward in the process.

Benefits to choosing a Vogue Custom Home

  • Creating a design to perfectly fit your block and any incumbents 
  • Achieving a design to match your lifestyle 
  • Have a unique style that will be like no other
  • Utilizing our drafting and interior design services 
  • Work with an experienced team to achieve a design that that will comply with statutory requirements and onsite construction to ensure a speedy and smooth building process
  • Creating a home that you have always dreamed about but weren’t sure if you could achieve!

View our gallery to start getting inspiration on your new Vogue Custom Home.

Your Lifestyle, Your Choice, Your Vogue Home.

The Benefits of Building A Custom Home

Building a home is so much more than simply building a house. Building a home involves designing your own private abode that will provide your family with a safe sanctuary and somewhere to unwind after a long day. A place to spend quality time together and share many future memories.

Such a special place, can’t be just a standard design or an existing property, it needs to be a home that is unique to your family’s needs and reflects your unique individual taste.

This is where building a custom home can be the perfect building solution for you. With a custom home you are in charge of the design process and can control exactly what goes into it and how it can meet your unique needs. Let’s go through the many benefits a custom home can provide.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of building a custom home is the amount of input you have in each phase of the building process. With a custom home, you have the freedom to select everything that you want to go into your home.

If you love natural light, you can install floor to ceiling windows, making it a prominent feature throughout your home. If you dreamt of a spacious dining area with a featured chandelier, you can make it a central focal point in your floor plan. With a custom home you can choose floor coverings, fixtures, cabinetry, appliances and just about everything else in between. From the interior of your home to a seamless transition to the exterior, you can select every detail that goes into your very own custom home.

When purchasing an existing home, despite how beautiful it might be, you’re often limited and constrained by the existing structure and the prior owners’ design choices. You may think you can renovate it to make it more to your liking, but this can often be a costly endeavour, and you could still be left with an end project that is not exactly what you intended.

With a custom built home, you get to pick exactly the design and layout that works best for you, without having to compromise on other people’s choices. A custom home is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with your unique ideas. It provides you with an opportunity to design a home that reflects your own unique personality and style.

You’ll find that with a custom home, rather than feeling like you’re in someone else’s home that you just happen to be residing in, you’ll actually be more content, enjoying the layout and amenities you’ve specifically chosen to suit your particular lifestyle.

Do you often wish your home design was more practical and suited to your needs? A custom home presents the perfect opportunity to design a floor plan that is more functional and makes a much better use of any available space.

If your lifestyle is focused on entertainment, you can make sure your floor plan reflects both a spacious dining area, and also an ample alfresco with a seamless transition to your kitchen. Alternatively if you require separate areas to look after the interests of different family members, you can incorporate rooms such as a games area, or a cinema room, where your family can enjoy more time to themselves in their own space. With a custom home you have the flexibility to design your own floor plan tailored to suit your family’s growing needs.

When it comes to building a home, quality is everything. You want to make sure any materials used in the build are of the highest standard, helping to ensure there’ll be no need to undergo any expensive repairs or renovations due to inferior products being used.

With a custom built home the utmost care and consideration is taken so that only the best materials, products, and brands are used throughout the building process.

Long after you’ve moved in, a custom built home will give you the peace of mind that your investment is soundly protected and will stand the test of time.

A custom built home provides you with a unique opportunity to build a home that is both sustainable and energy efficient.

Since you’re starting from the ground up, you can make the best use of environmental factors particular to your site (i.e. the orientation of your home in relation to sun and wind patterns), to help manage the temperature and improve energy efficiency throughout your home.

Coupled with additional add-ons such as; solar technology, quality insulation, water tanks, and smart energy efficient appliances, your entire home can be optimally designed to be more environmentally friendly and reduce future energy bills.

Building a custom home provides you with the freedom to choose a lot exactly where you want it to be. Whether you prefer to be close to a hive of activity and be part of a central community, or desire more seclusion, away from the daily hustle and bustle, with a custom home you can select the perfect spot for your home.

If you have further privacy concerns, building a custom home can allow you to select the right piece of land that incorporates natural features such as grouping of trees or hill settings, that can provide you with the additional seclusion and tranquillity that you’re after.

While most people might think that building a custom home will be much more expensive than purchasing an existing property, if managed properly, a custom home can actually prove to be a more viable cost effective option.

The key point to remember is that when building a custom home you have complete control. You can control the price point of every item that goes into your new home, from construction materials to special add-ons.

As with any involved building project, it’s important that you set a well defined budget and monitor your costs throughout the build. By working with an experienced custom home builder, they’ll be able to keep you informed and take your budget into consideration during each stage of the build.

Lets face it, today’s real estate market can be quite volatile, characterised by periods of high sustained competition among buyers.

When building a custom home, while you still need to enter the market to bid on land (unless you already own the land and wish to undertake a KDR), the competition for land is much lower than it is for already existing homes.

With less competition, when you find a plot that meets your requirements, you stand a greater chance of securing it and starting the build process.

At first thought building a custom home can seem to be an expensive proposition. It can involve a lot more work and monitoring compared to simply purchasing an existing property or other types of building projects.

However when wider factors are taken into consideration, a custom home will prove to be a much sounder investment. Opting for a custom home will help to ensure that your home is built using the highest quality materials and up to the highest building standards. Additionally by being in control you have the option of designing functional practical spaces that will be highly attractive to any potential buyers.

Although a custom home can require initial higher upfront costs, it’s highly customised nature and ability to retain value, make it a sound financial investment.

Your home should be a welcoming tranquil space that nurtures family and provides an environment for many future memories to come. When it comes time to find a home that is uniquely yours, you can’t go past a custom home. With a custom home you’re in control of the entire build process and can decide exactly what type of high quality materials are used in your build, you can select just the right fittings to display your style, and design a functional practical floorspace that suits your family’s needs. Although a custom home might initially appear as an expensier option, when managed properly, it can actually result in a sustainable energy efficient home, built within budget and providing sustainable value for years to come.

Why Should I Use A Custom Home Builder?

Building your own home is an exciting time, the possibilities are endless, and you can almost envision your dream home becoming a reality. However you want to make sure that your home is not just another standard cookie cutter design, but one that has been customised to meet your own unique needs.

Choosing the right builder to make your dream home a reality is an important process you want to make sure you get right. A custom home builder makes it possible to lend a personal touch all while saving time and money. Let’s look at the many advantages that a custom home builder can provide.

An experienced custom builder has worked hard to develop relationships all throughout the industry. Through years of hard earned experience they have built up a vast and reliable supply chain that can be leveraged to maximum effect.

They have existing professional relationships with a range of valuable parties including; realtors, subcontractors, agents, and other professional services. Throughout your construction, access to this valuable resource will help ensure your build is carried out to the highest standards, within your budget and on time.

Working with a custom builder will give you access to better value quality products and help you manage your budget.

Custom builders, with an established supply chain, are able to leverage existing relationships with trusted suppliers to obtain discounts on bulk purchases of quality products. This is then often passed onto their valued clients in the form of reduced charges.

When you engage the services of a custom builder, they will also keep you informed through every phase of the building project, helping you to manage and assess progress against your budget.

Time is a valuable commodity, as much as you would like to be involved across it all, you may not have the available time or expertise to be able to manage all the different complicated aspects of a building project.

This is where engaging the services of a custom builder makes all the difference. They will act as your project manager, coordinating all the different facets that need to be taken care of such as; liaising with architects and designers, looking after different subcontractors, and dealing with various permitting offices, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Having a single point of contact removes the extremely time consuming component of dealing with so many different stakeholders, and allows you to receive valuable information from one trusted source.

If you engage the services of a large volume builder, while they may have larger resources at their disposal, they also take on a significantly higher number of projects. Their primary focus is mass-producing homes, and in their system, you become a number, often losing priority to more lucrative jobs.

Custom builders on the other hand, generally take on fewer projects and are more client oriented, offering more focus and a greater attention to a client’s unique needs. A custom builder will give you personalised attention and work with you closely to understand your unique needs, and work out practical solutions throughout the building process.

An experienced custom builder has spent years in the industry building up a comprehensive design and build process that covers every aspect of your building journey.

A custom builder will have established processes that can seamlessly transition from planning to designing and ultimately final construction. This integrated approach allows all jobs costs to be accurately tracked and helps to deliver a quality custom home on time.

In addition, with years of experience in the market, such processes often have inbuilt measures to handle any anticipated challenges such as incorporating building codes and changing council regulations, helping to ensure you have a smooth seamless building experience.

As mentioned earlier, since a custom builder generally takes on fewer projects, with them, you won’t be just another job in the system or a number in their ever growing queue. They pride themselves on a more personal approach to customer service, and you won’t get lost in the layers of administration often present in some of the larger volume based builders.

A custom builder will provide a high level of customer service where you can build a personal connection with the builder. An environment is created where an established communication channel is opened and you feel comfortable expressing whatever query or concerns you may have. They will even arrange meetings on the building site to ensure that you keep track of the progress being made and are informed every step of the way.

When it comes time to build your home, you shouldn’t have to settle for the generic run-of-the-mill designs that are out there in the market. You should be able to express your own personality and style into your home, and work with a builder who will look after you throughout each stage of the building journey.

A custom built homes Sydney provide the perfect avenue to make your dream home a reality. They are often smaller companies who take less jobs that are client orientated, giving you the attention you deserve. With a single touch point a custom home builder provides all the coordination that’s needed for a complex build process and removes any unnecessary hassles, providing you with timely updates from a single trusted source.

As established experienced players in the building industry, custom home builders have set up seamless design and building processes, taking care of every aspect of the building process.

Frequently Asked Questions - Custom Home Builders

Here at Vogue Homes we know that building a home is an exciting but sometimes complex process. It can be easy to get lost without the right guidance and information.

To make sure our clients have a positive building experience, we’ve put together a list of custom home frequently asked questions to help answer any queries they may have.

Yes we can. Vogue Homes offers an excellent custom design service, where you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with our draftsman to create something unique and customised for your block.

It’s actually quite beneficial for the builder to be involved from the beginning of the design and concept process. This helps to ensure that any preconceived ideas can be realistically factored into the build, and any construction issues can be thoroughly identified as part of the quoting and construction process.

Our experienced team includes a Building Designer and Interior Designer who are available to provide expert guidance for all of your selections. We have an extensive range of samples and colour palettes you can use for inspiration, and we can provide any further expert advice in all other aspects of your build.

There’s no denying the intricate and complex nature of an architect designed home requires a builder with a high level of experience and expertise. You wouldn’t want to risk such an important project with a builder who doesn’t have a proven track record of delivering successful custom builds on time and within budget.

Here at Vogue Homes we have over 38 years experience building unique complex custom homes. Whether you need us to drive the design process, or already have an architect designed home, our team has the required knowledge and expertise to make any building design into a reality.

At Vogue Homes we believe in providing a quality, premium product that offers our customers great value for money. We don’t just include what is needed in a house, but quality inclusions that will make it feel like a home.

We provide a range of options and plenty of design flexibility so you can personalise your home to suit your lifestyle.

Further information on our inclusions can be found right here.

There are a number of factors that will determine the length of the construction period, including the size of your home, complexity of the build and any preferred inclusions.

Generally construction time for a custom home can take up to 8-10 months. Once we go through the initial planning stages we’ll have more information at our disposal, and we’ll be able to give you a planned timeline and more accurate estimate of the total build time.

When building a unique custom home there are a variety of factors that contribute to the overall cost of the build. These include selected materials, finishes applied, orientation and the slope of the block, ease of site access, in addition to any technical aspects of the build.

As each of these factors is specific to the project requirements, costs will vary for each project. Here at Vogue Homes we’re passionate about providing clear and transparent pricing to our customers. Each different cost aspect of the build will be clearly explained and accurately costed, ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises throughout the building process.

Having this transparency will enable you to factor in all costs involved and ensure all financial considerations have been taken into account into your budget.

At Vogue Homes we give our clients the flexibility to engage tradespeople for certain aspects of the build. If this is required, it’ll be ideally addressed during the initial planning stage so it can be incorporated into the overall project build timeline. Any external tradespeople will need to be fully licensed and insured.

At Vogue Homes we pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service and going above and beyond for our customers. During our initial consultations we’ll work together to establish the best communication style, be it regular meetings, phone calls, emails, or what combination works best.

We’ll book in regular meetings for project updates so you’ll know exactly what’s happening on site and the schedule for the coming months. We strive to create a comfortable environment where you’ll be informed every step of the way.

As part of our commitment of keeping you informed every step of the way, we can organise accompanied site visits during construction.

These visits will be a great opportunity for you to directly see the progress that has been made and ask any additional questions you may have. With everyone’s safety in mind, these visits will be in adherence to our strict safety policy for all visitors on site.

One of our core design principles is to build sustainable environmentally friendly homes capable of having a low carbon footprint.

During the design phase we implement strategies to maximise the utilisation of your block features, and can provide expert advice about how to incorporate; energy efficient design, sustainable building materials, insulation, solar technology, and other environmentally friendly features throughout your build.

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