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Dual Occupancy House Design

The interest in multi-family homes continues to scale, and the demand is increasing in Sydney. And here is a piece of good news for you, you can consider this type of home that brings complete convenience: a duplex. Also called a dual occupancy home.

A dual occupancy house typically has two complete homes on different levels or by side-to-side that share a wall, and each side has its own entry and other dedicated amenities such as a garage. Unlike the usual designs for small houses with two bedrooms and small living places, duplexes are now materialised with four generously sized bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, master bedroom with bathroom, storage spaces and open plan kitchens and living rooms. It is made suitable for putting up the larger or extended family, and it sets forth a multitude of advantages also.

Benefits of building a duplex:

  • Suitable for multi-generational living –there’s room for more;
  • Excellent investment opportunity to capitalise on your land value – think ‘two for one deal.’;
  • Support families in pooling resources to enter the property ladder;
  • Supporting children in getting their first home;
  • Offers a chance for people approaching retirement to capitalise on their past purchase while downsizing with the benefit of staying in an area they love;
  • Options to rent/sell both or keep one and rent/sell the other to make a profit or pay off your mortgage sooner.

Sydney’s population is growing over time, land prices are increasing as well, and a lot of people are looking for different housing options. With that fact, the duplex offers a vast and affordable solution to many. These homes are a smart choice for you and future-focused homeowners.

Vague Homes delights in guiding you through the whole process of building your duplex house and at the same time ensuring the full optimization of your land, presenting our welcoming, spacious and light-filled designs that are custom-made to provide all the needs of your modern multi-generational family.

At Vogue Homes, we are ready to help you in bringing your vision to life.  You can connect with us and together we can discuss what you hope to achieve from building your own duplex home, then we will assist you with your design choices, get the required approvals and most especially, we would love to break the ground with you.  Overall, you can expect polished and hassle-free working with us.

If you’re looking for a building partner to make the best of your property’s hidden wealth, it’s time to get in contact with us and see how we can guide you in capitalising your land.

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