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Duplex Designs

Building a duplex suits people for a number of reasons and the demand for duplexes continue to grow in Sydney, NSW. The nature of the Duplex has changed. Gone are the days of small tight homes with 2 bedrooms and small living spaces. Duplexes have now emerged into four generously sized bedrooms with walk-in-wardrobes, master bedrooms with ensuites, generous storage spaces, and opened plan kitchens and living rooms.

Benefits of Duplex Designs in Sydney:

  • Accommodates multi-generational living 
  • Great investment opportunity to capitalise on your land value – think ‘two for one deal’
  • Aids families in pooling resources to enter the property ladder. 
  • Supporting children in getting their first home
  • Opportunity to split costs with a partner, whether it be a friend, family member, business partner etc. 
  • Offers an opportunity for people approaching retirement to capitalise on their past purchase while downsizing with the benefit of staying in an area they love
  • Options to rent/sell both or keep one and rent/sell the other in order to make a profit or pay off your mortgage sooner. 

As Sydney’s population grows and land prices increase more and more people are looking for different housing options. The duplex home design offers an affordable solution to many. 

Building a duplex with Vogue Homes from NSW is made easy. We will guide you through the whole process to ensure you optimise your land as we are partnered with a team of skilled home builders.

Looking to make the best opportunity for yourself? Get in contact with us for more information and how we can help you capitalise on your land. 

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