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Soria Display Home

The Soria 24 Design, With Marbella Façade Was Created To Indulge The Senses.

A modern, family friendly floor plan coupled with old world European charm that feels like any Mediterranean village bringing elements from Spain, Morocco, Greece, and Italy together in a harmonious and synchronous fashion.

The home was designed to fulfil the requirements of the modern family by providing multiple living spaces centred around the kitchen. Its these design considerations that allow the buyer to incorporate their own style and flair to the design, no matter their personal tastes or needs.

From a style perspective, we have drawn on current trends but found a way to bring back the old-world charm of Europe that so many people will or have fallen in love with. For those lucky enough to have travelled, the home will offer up a feeling of nostalgia and for the clients that haven’t , the home will offer a window into the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The home really is a departure from recent housing industry trends and pushes the boundaries of taste and style. A truly charming design that feels like a home, and not just a house.

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