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2019 HIA Award Winning New Home Design
Don't Build Any Homes, Build With Award Winning Vogue Homes
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What’s Available To First Home Buyers & Home Builders Alike
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Vogue Homes Virtual Display Village
3D Virtual Tour
2019 HIA Award Winning New Home Design
Don't Build Any Homes, Build With Award Winning Vogue Homes
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Government Schemes: What’s Available To First Home Buyers & Home Builders Alike
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Display Homes Sydney

Vogue Homes is an award-winning homebuilder in Sydney. We are a family-owned business that is built on generations of hard working Australians. Experience our deep ingrained family values and the passion for home building for over 38 years, which has helped us build homes for every individual with their specific lifestyle.

Whether or not it is your first-time home buying experience, we ensure that the experience you have with us is long lasting. Our founder, James’, vision, passion for Vogues Homes and his hard work, is deeply embedded in our Vogue soul. Therefore, regardless of the family size, lifestyle, culture, we provide tailored services to cater to all your needs. We make sure to go above and beyond to exceed client expectations.

Come explore our stylish designs

Besides our exceptional customer service, we listen and offer you unique designs to suit you and your family.

Not sure which design or style is the right fit for you? You will always have a choice with us! Whether your lifestyle is influenced by your religious, cultural, or family requirements – we build beautiful homes to suit everyone’s needs.

Experience our innovative, stylish, and sophisticated designed display homes throughout Sydney NSW.

Our display homes are a window to your dream home. Call us today to arrange a visit to one of our display homes or ask any information.

Thinking of Visiting a Display Home Location in Sydney?

Visiting and exploring display homes can be exciting! Walking through homes, envisioning yourself living in one, seeing furnishings and designs to match your taste and lifestyle is all part of the fun.

However, at times when you are not prepared for the visit, you can miss out several opportunities that would otherwise help you understand your needs better during the visit. So, how should you be prepared for the day?

Display homes are a guide to how your ideal home would look like. It lets you visualise floor plans, layouts, and so much more. However, before you visit, take some time to learn about the builders. Make sure you research about the builder, look into their designs, see what other buyers have said about the builder i.e. their reviews, feedback and their experience. Buying a home is a milestone for any family, thus working with a homebuilder that offers exceptional service can make a huge difference in your buying journey.

Having a set or tentative budget is essential before planning a visit to a display home. This will not only help you understand what sort of style and design will fit your budget, but you may get alternative ideas to include in your home. You can also consult the expert on the day and discuss your budget, so they can offer their suggestions and ideas that better fit for your budget.

Note, that some display homes may showcase designs and furniture that may be out of your budget. Again, consulting an expert during your visit would clarify your doubts.

Having a checklist of your needs and wants for your new home will help your display home visit. During your visit, you might notice that certain requirements (e.g. storage, appliances etc.) on your list are not present in the display home. In that case, you might want to consult the expert and advise them of your needs.

Once you have viewed the display home, you can check off the things that are already there, and for any other additional requirements, don’t be afraid to speak to our experts.

You might want to keep your phone or camera handy to take lots of photos and videos. In case if you might have missed one or two things on the actual day of the visit, you could always refer back to your photos to help you put together your inclusions.

You must make the most of your visit, so that you leave from there with more clarity and less confusion.

Every homebuyer has different needs and wants out of their home. So, take your time on the day, and ask as many questions as you can. Carry a notepad or write down your thoughts on your phone, so you don’t forget to ask during your visit.

Our Display Home Locations in Sydney

All our display homes are tailored to suit individual needs. You will discover beautiful designs, charming and spacious styles that will inspire you to imagine your dream home with us.  From first homebuyers to dual occupancy to single-storey homes – we have it all. Walk through our display homes and immerse yourself with designs you have never seen before.

Why not schedule a time to come and explore wonderful home spaces from our range of display homes.

Luna Gallery

Sevilla Gallery

To Evaluate the Right Display Home for Your Family

We have an extensive range of display homes with stunning designs to suit the different needs of every family. So, how do you know which is the one for you?

Before you begin exploring your options, think of some important requirements for you and your family in your new home.


The design and layout of your choice are extremely important. Consider where you would prefer to have your bedrooms placed. Are kids going to be far? Do you prefer your bedroom close to the kitchen or far? The layout is personal and should be decided based on your family’s convenience.

Plan for future

You might be planning for kids in near future, then think of the extra space and storage areas you will need. Think of including storage rooms in your home to keep the house clutter-free. 

Once the kids start school, they will have homework and projects to do. Think of including additional features such as study space including internet connectivity in the house. If work from home has become the new normal for you, then you might require extra space for your study desk too.

Multigenerational Living

Living with parents and kids is becoming quite common in Australia. If you are planning multigenerational living then it is essential to build a home that will adapt to your family’s changing needs. Future requirements should be factored into the design. There are different priorities to consider for everyone’s living needs. Perhaps a double-storey house with extra rooms and a living area on the top storey will provide the required space for your family, whilst having a self-contained suite downstairs for the grandparents. Families looking to build a single-storey home with multigenerational living can add more space by extending living areas such as patio or alfresco areas. Consider a bigger garage to include more storage space.  It’s crucial to consider everyone’s needs and ensure your new home is future proof.

Natural Lighting

Think of which areas of the house you’d like to get the most natural lighting – accordingly, commit to a home design. Perhaps you are likely to spend most of the daytime in your bedrooms, then have them designed along the side where you are likely to get the most light. For some families, having more natural light in the kitchen and lounge area is essential, again, this will have to be planned before committing to a  home design. Here are some ways you can optimise the natural lighting:
  1. Place large windows and doors to let natural lighting throughout the house.
  2. Perhaps use strategically placed mirrors to bounce natural light into darker areas.
  3. Opt for neutral wall colours to reflect the sunlight such as pastels and light shades.
  4. Think of including skylights for those areas of the house that often suffer from a lack of natural lighting such as, walk in wardrobes, corridors or even the garage. You can also include it in the corridor for that extra brightness.
Consider these before finalising your plan. After all, you only have one block, so think of all the ways your house plan can be optimised to maximise natural lighting. Ready to build your dream home? Tell us your vision, and let us build it for you. Vogue Homes is committed to delivering exceptional homes for you and your family. Start your journey with a team of experts, and let us take you to your destination with our excellent service and passion for building that perfect home for you. Come and explore our range of designs at our display homes today!

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