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Single Storey House Design

Having your own dream home is one of the most exciting life events. At Vogue Homes, we know how important it is for you to find the perfect design that will fit your lifestyle and needs. You work hard for this goal, so we want to help you build it within your budget and time frame.

We have great single storey home options for you – from traditional to modern and trendy architectural designs. All our single storey house designs feature the essential home spaces, plus luxurious additions for your needs like an alfresco area or study area.

Benefits of single storey home design

  • Lower cost. In terms of construction and structure, a single storey home is cheaper and faster to build. The double-storey design requires stronger structural support materials which are more expensive. You can use this amount to furnish your home with state-of-the-art appliances and furniture.
  • Practical and economical. It is much easier to control the indoor climate, in terms of overall maintenance costs of heating and cooling systems. The compact and open design can significantly optimise your air conditioning use, reducing the cost of electric consumption. The positioning of the structure also gives you an edge to take advantage of the natural light, making the ambience of your home more appealing.
  • Open plan living. One of the attractive aspects of this design is having a large, open space that allows you to combine indoor and outdoor living. It suits families or individuals who enjoy entertaining friends.
  • Maximum use of space. A staircase can take a lot of valuable space in the structure. Without it, you have more space for your interior planning. Our single storey house designs are beautifully and carefully crafted to make your permanent abode an oasis of relaxation and comfort.
  • Safety. If you have small children and want to prevent potential accidents, a single storey design is ideal. Stairs pose a risk for active kids who enjoy chasing each other. It is also easy to keep an eye on what they are doing when you have a single storey home.
  • Easy to maintain. In the context of general maintenance and home chores, it offers more convenience. It eliminates the hassle of karting your vacuum cleaner and cleaning materials up and down, which is time-consuming and physically tiring. As for the outdoor chores like gutter cleaning, it is much easier to do it yourself with the help of a ladder. Also, if you choose a larger floor area, the lawn will be smaller so keeping it well-groomed is an easy task.
  • Strong investment. When it comes to resale value, a single storey house design has a broader market, especially in suburban areas with older age demographics. This wider appeal is primarily due to accessibility features, allowing older people and small children to roam freely and safely.

When choosing your home design, think about the elements that will make you and your family happy and satisfied in years to come. Vogue Homes is your trusted and professional partner in making your dream home come true.  Ready to discuss your project? Speak with us today.

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