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Knock Down Rebuild
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Vogue Homes Premium Knockdown Rebuild Sydney

Do you love your location, but feel you have outgrown your home?

At Vogue Homes, we understand that great locations without paying millions can be hard to find in Sydney. Yes, renovating is an option but you still have the fifty years old plumbing and electricals. In many cases, it’s more cost-effective per square metre to knock down rebuild compared to renovating. Vogue Homes can guide you through the knock down and rebuild process of building your dream home in a location you have always loved and cherished. Don’t change your life and relocate; build that forever dream home you and your family always wanted.

Our team of experienced builders will guide you through the entire process from design meetings all the way until move-in day.

Award Winning Designs

38 Years Building Experience


Vast Design Range and choice

Are you considering a knock down rebuild in Sydney?

With increasing shortages in suburban residential land in Sydney, knock down rebuild is a growing trend in established areas. Whether you are after a custom home builder or a project home builder, our specialist KDR team can advise you on the advantages and potential disadvantages of building a new home on your land. A complimentary service, and we recommend anyone looking to knock down rebuild to speak to our team because it could potentially save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Your Land Deserves Vogue Homes

From award-winning double-storey design to spacious four bedroom single storey homes, we have the house designs to suit any growing family. Best of all, unlike other builders, our homes already include large premium fittings and we design, quote and build you home ready to enjoy.

Knock Down rebuild Sydney Process In A Nutshell

At Vogue-Homes Sydney, our knock down rebuild process follows a tried and proven multi-stage approach

Get a FREE site assessment and Inspection.
Our team will organise a free site appraisal to guide you in knowing important information about the whole process and strategies. This process also includes the evaluation of the land you are looking to develop and rebuild.
Knock Down Rebuild Budget and Finance.
After the site assessment, the next thing to consider is budget planning. This is one of the most crucial steps in knocking down an existing home and rebuilding a new one. Our company would love to assist you with timing and budget guides before taking place. Our team can give you a detailed cost quotation so that there are no nasty surprises or upselling on option upgrades after you sign our tender.
Designing your home.
Our main goal is to assist you in finding an ideal plan for your family dream home. We give you various home designs or start with just a blank sheet of paper and create your own custom home. We value your standards and expectations, and we have no obligations in proceeding any further without your signal and if you are not completely satisfied with the plan and design. But once you are happy and content with the idea, we will immediately prepare a tender estimate.
Pre-Construction Selection Meeting.
While our team of KDR specialists is completing all the needed documentation and relevant approvals, you will be working with our professional internal staff, who would love to guide you in every step of the selection process to make sure that your dream will come into utmost reality. To ensure that you get the most of out of your selection appointment, we recommend you to read 5 Steps to Preparing for your Selection Meeting blog. Once all these inclusions are selected, you’ll be guided with a detailed list of inclusions.
Total Knockdown Rebuild.
You’ll get notified when we already have the approvals to be able to have the confidence in the knock down rebuild process. We can also provide you with several experienced and trained demolition contractors that can guide you in demolition strategies. And from there, you and the demolition team will get in touch for demolition approvals.
Construction and Design.
This is the most exciting situation for any homeowner to see their new home design come to life. We will provide you with an experienced Construction Site Supervisor for the knockdown rebuild to update you on the weekly progress of the construction and is able for you to know the steps ongoing.
Complete Handover Experience.
Before completion and handover, we will have a thorough and independent inspection to ensure that we identify any final touches needed. When the final inspection is done, we will walk you through your new home. If you have no more concerns to address, then you’re ready to move in. But not done yet; as our avid client, we will ensure you a warranty if you have found other house issues.

Knock Down rebuild Sydney

At Vogue Homes, our knockdown rebuild solution takes your place to new heights. Our team of professional and KDR specialists will work with you with your visions and expectations. To build a perfect home that can withstand the multiple years to come.

We have immeasurable experience in the knockdown rebuild process, and we are here to guide you with both the technical and general aspects of journeys. We can make your dream home a reality without spending thousands and thousands!

Should you have any questions and inquiries regarding our services and prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Your Lifestyle, Your Choice, Your Vogue Home.

Benefits of a Knock Down Rebuild

If your home needs substantial work you’ve probably been thinking for a while what’s the best way to go about it. While renovations might initially seem like an appropriate option, this will not only require a significant financial outlay, but can often result in the discovery of unforeseen building issues leading to large cost blowouts and unexpected delays.

A great option providing greater control and risk minimisation, all while producing a brand new home is a Knock Down Rebuild (KDR). This type of building project is proving to be increasingly popular and contains a number of features that may prove to be beneficial to your particular circumstances. Let’s find out the many benefits a KDR can provide.

Knock-down rebuild in sydney for less than a renovation?

If you’ve been debating between a KDR or renovating, KDR by far provides a more cost effective option.

Renovations, despite best laid plans, can not only be complicated and time consuming, but the biggest risk is the potential for unexpected construction issues to be discovered throughout the renovation process. Issues such as leaky pipes, inadequate wiring, and the discovery of asbestos, can soon turn a well planned renovation project into a lengthy prolonged cost blowout. This is a situation you want to avoid as it can often dragg out, leaving you liable for more prolonged costs and without access to your property.

Building costs aside, even if you decide to purchase a property with less renovation work required, you’ll also need to factor in additional financial outlays such refinancing costs, stamp duty, real estate fees and other associated costs to arrive at a total accurate estimate of costs.

A KDR on the hand, provides a much more concise and cost effective option. This type of building projects don’t have as much uncertainty and can be more accurately costed and budgeted for. By starting with a clean slate on your own property, there’ll be no unexpected renovation costs, significantly reducing the possibility of budget blowouts and delays to work. Additionally by not purchasing a separate property, you’ll avoid paying stamp duty, and other costs associated with moving.

Often we’ve grown accustomed to and thoroughly enjoy the area we live in. Your local area has great transport links for getting to and from work, the kids are well established in nearby schools, shops and other amenities are just around the corner, and the local community is friendly and inviting.

If you love your local area, and have gotten used to the lifestyle and convenience benefits it provides, whether you are in Newcastle or in other NSW locations, a KDR provides the perfect solution to stay exactly where you are.

By undertaking a KDR project, you’ll be able to stay in your ideal location, while also having the opportunity to build a brand new house. One with all the latest features and one that is better suited to your family’s current and future lifestyle needs.

One of the main benefits of a KDR is that you’re given a black canvas, a fresh start where you can build exactly the home you want, to suit your particular needs and display your own personal style.

Unlike in renovations, where you’re limited to working around a home’s existing structure and bound to a pre-existing floor plan. With a KDR since you’re working from scratch you have the flexibility and freedom to control a greater degree of design possibilities. You can go through a variety of style and structural options to find a solution that best accommodates your needs.

With a KDR you can select a functional plan suited to your needs and then personalise areas of your home through various design features and added on options.

Knock Down Rebuild Sydney

A KDR provides a great opportunity to think ahead and design a home that is able to meet your changing needs.

This is particularly beneficial if your lifestyle is limited by the constraints of your current home.
If you’re thinking about starting a family down the track, need space for a home office, or require additional space for elderly relatives to move in, a KDR provides a great option to incorporate these changing needs into your building design.

In this way, a KDR not only allows you to design a home to meet your current needs, but it also enables you to accommodate any foreseeable changes to your future lifestyle.

A KDR provides a unique opportunity to design a sustainable and environmentally friendly home.

With a KDR you can incorporate elements of design to maximise the orientation and natural elements of your site. As such, by achieving an optimal layout and strategically placing windows, you can help to ensure greater sun exposure in winter, shade and cooler conditions in summer, and levels of cross ventilation throughout your home. The installation of appropriate insulation will also help you regulate temperature and maintain a comfortable level throughout your home.

You can even go a step further by using sustainable materials in your build, and incorporating the latest smart and eco-friendly fixtures and appliances.

Implementing sustainable design features such as the above, work to harness natural renewable energy sources, not only decreasing your home’s carbon footprint, but also help you save on any future energy bills.

Certain homes are in sought after locations. They are often in already established areas, with high land value and low availability.

If your current home is located in one such area, building a new home through a KDR is a great way of adding value to your property. Should you decide to stay or are looking to make a more attractive option for buyers down the track, a KDR provides a great option to build capital and turn your home into a sound investment.

If you do eventually place your property on the market. A newly built home, incorporating the latest fixtures and fittings and being aesthetically pleasing, will represent a significantly more attractive proposition to prospective buyers, offering you a higher return on your investment.

Deciding to undertake a KDR can seem to be a daunting process with a lot of factors involved. However when compared to other options such moving house or undergoing major renovations, a KDR offers a number of significant benefits.

If you love the area you live in, a KDR allows you to stay exactly where you are, while providing you a blank canvas with the freedom to design a home more suited to your needs. By building from scratch a KDR also presents the opportunity to build a sustainable environmentally friendly home and future plan your home to meet any of your changing lifestyle needs. Added together with a greater degree of certainty, a KDR provides a more cost effective building option and enables you to add value to your property.

Knock Down Rebuild Sydney: Understanding the Cost

With the capability to reduce unforeseen costs and disruptions that may arise throughout a build, a KDR offers a cost effective and timely option.

Before embarking on such a project, it’s important to first get an understanding of the type and what the total costs are likely to be. This will subtantly help in your budget planning and understanding the timing of different events throughout the building process. In KDRs costs are generally broken up into two categories:

These types of costs incorporate all costs associated with knocking down your existing home. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of your property, with factors influencing costs include; existing foundations, size of the property, need for additional or specialised equipment, permit costs, tree and pest removals, and the discovery of any foreign substances such as asbestos or mould.

While these costs will be less than rebuilding costs, in order to avoid any potential problems during the later stages of the building process, it’s vital that they are undertaken safely and following proper processes.

These costs are the main costs incurred during your build. They are dependent on the characteristics of your site and your personal preferences, these include; the size of your new home, type of structural design, materials selected, and types of fittings and decor used.

With these types of costs, it’s important to remember that any particular finishes selected or further customisation that is applied needs to be incorporated into your overall budget.

Generally overall costs will be subjective and dependent on particular site conditions and council requirements. The best way to get a realistic estimate on a KDR is to speak to a trusted builder, who has years of experience and the specific expertise of working on KDR projects.

Here at Vogue Homes we have over 38 years of experience in the industry and have become specialists at KDRs. When you come to us, our team will organise a free site appraisal to guide you in knowing important information about the whole process and any options available to you. This process also includes the evaluation of the land you are looking to develop and rebuild.

With this vital assessment in hand, you’re now in an informed position to begin budget planning. This is where we can assist with guidance and appropriate timelines, giving you a detailed cost quotation. Our overall goal is to provide you with accurate information, enabling you to determine the real cost of building your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Vogue Homes we understand that building a home can be a complex and sometimes confusing experience. Without the right guidance it can be easy to get lost in the process. To make sure our clients have a positive building experience, we’ve put together a list of KDR frequently asked questions to help answer any queries they may have.

While you may think that a KDR can be undertaken by most builders, this type of specialised building project requires a builder who’s highly experienced in this type of building project.

A specialised KDR builder will have years of experience, expertise, and intimate knowledge regarding all building processes, and council and government regulations you’ll need to abide by.
Their established KDR processes will take into account all demolition and rebuild considerations, and offer you a suite of home designs, inclusions and addons that can be tailored to your particular needs and budget.

A good initial check to undertake on a KDR builder is to run a check on their builder’s licence number. Once you obtain a builder’s licence number you can run a check with the relevant state body. This will provide you with further information and help identify any potential red flags such as any prior public warnings issued.

You can also inspect a builder’s showroom of previously completed KDR projects to get a good gauge of the type of craftsmanship they can deliver and whether they’re a good fit with your KDR design specifications.

The KDR process is highly dependent on particular site conditions and the chosen building design. As a general estimate a standard build will take 6 to 8 months, while a more customised build will usually take 8 to 10 months.

At Vogue Homes once we have conducted a thorough site assessment and you’ve deceived on your chosen home design, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate of completion time. This will ensure any additional demolition issues, and council / building regulation approvals are taken into account to minimise any potential delays.

Demolition needs to be organised by the owner and it’s important to factor in the time required for this process which can take up to 4 weeks to complete.

When finding a demolition contractor make sure they are licensed and insured and have the relevant experience to remove all the relevant materials, debris, and surrounding trees and roots.

Some key questions you can ask a demolition contractor include include:

  • Can you provide a clearance certificate?
  • Does your quote include the removal of underground services?
    • This includes gas, storm water, and electrical
  • Have you done any previous demolitions in this area?
  • If fill is required to be imported, can you provide a VENM OR ENM certificate?

Should you need it, here at Vogue Homes we can recommend trusted demolition contractors that we’ve previously worked with.

A lot of preparation work is required in order to prepare a site for a KDR. This generally involves the appropriate removal of building materials, trees and roots, and capping off the sewer, among many other required tasks.

In order to ensure the job is done correctly and fits within the timeline of the next steps of a KDR project, it’s recommended to engage and consult a builder before the demolition process commences.

Unless you have a large amount of capital at your disposal, the normal approach to finance a KDR project is to apply for a construction loan via a bank or mortgage lender.

The finance process for a construction loan works like a home loan but contains its own unique requirements. As a first step you’ll need to have at least a 20% deposit, although some lenders may require a lesser deposit, however this will incur lenders mortgage insurance.

While a home loan calculates your loan-to-value ratio based on your current home value, a construction loan calculates you loan-to-value ratio based on the lower of:

  • The projected value of your new home once completed, or
  • The value of your land plus the value of the building contract

In order to get further details and understand any relevant factors that may apply to your particular circumstances, it’s recommended to talk to a specialist mortgage lender. It’s also vital that you have all your finances sorted and pre-approval gained before embarking on your KDR journey.

KDRs costs can generally be broken down into two types of costs; demolition and rebuilding.

Demolition costs incorporate all costs associated with knocking down your existing home and will vary depending on the complexity of your property. Rebuilding costs are the main costs incurred during your build. They are dependent on the characteristics of your site and your personal preferences.

It’s important to note these types of costs are subjective and dependent on particular site conditions and council requirements. The best way to get a realistic estimate on a KDR is to speak to a trusted builder, who has years of experience and the specific expertise of working on KDR projects.

Here at Vogue Homes we endeavour to give you an accurate cost estimate. We take the time upfront to know exactly what you need and what the unique requirements of your site are. We’ll give you a free comprehensive site appraisal and then work with you to give you a detailed cost quotation based on your building preferences.

While renovations might initially seem to be a cheaper option, it’s important to consider the full gambit of potential costs involved.

If you’re considering making structural changes to an existing property, the costs involved can be quite substantial. The biggest risk with renovations is the potential for unexpected construction issues to be discovered throughout the renovation process. Issues such as inadequate wiring, leaky pipes, and the discovery of asbestos, can lead to over capitalising and incurring lengthy prolonged cost blowouts. It’s estimated that a major renovation can end up costing more than double per square metre when compared to a KDR.

A KDR on the other hand offers a more concise and cost effective building option. This type of building project doesn’t have as much uncertainty so it can be more accurately costed. Additionally since you’re starting with a clean slate, there’ll be no unexpected renovation costs, significantly reducing the possibility of budget blowouts and delays to work.

At Vogue Homes to get a true indication of KDR costs, you’ll be given a detailed and transparent price. With us there’ll be no unpleasant costs or surprises along the way, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the entire building journey.

Two common misunderstood and neglected factors associated with a KDR project are not factoring in the timing related to council approvals, and not taking into account any required temporary accommodation and storage costs.

Council approvals can be time consuming and expensive and should thus be taken care of at the beginning stages of a KDR process, even before starting the demolition of your current home. While planning/development permits are generally required to be assessed by councils within 60 days, due to the volume of applications and associated complexity, the average waiting time can far exceed this time period. As such, when planning your KDR building project you need to give adequate time for any council applications to be approved, and factor this into any expected timelines.

This is one area where going to a reputable builder can make all the difference. They have intimate knowledge regarding different council approval processes and are able to factor them into building timelines as part of their comprehensive KDR processes.

The other common mistake associated with a KDR is not thinking about any required temporary accommodation and storage costs. While most people factor in the requirement to secure alternative living arrangements while their home is being rebuilt, it’s easy to forget to include the associated storage costs for their existing furniture and other home contents.

As part of your KDR budget process, ensure you factor in both the costs of alternative living arrangements and storage costs for the duration of your build. This will help you to get a better picture of all associated costs and make sure you have the resources to cater for these types of expenses.

Vogue Homes is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible. We work together with every client right from our initial consultation to develop a personal connection. We’ll work out what works best and establish an open communication style, be it regular meetings, phone calls, emails, or whatever combination works best.

We’ll book regular meetings for project updates so you know exactly what’s happening on site and the upcoming schedule ahead of time. We’ll work hard to create a comfortable environment where your needs come first and you can raise any concern you may have.

Particularly since a KDR involves a lot more distinct stages between demolition and construction, this open and continual communication style will work to everyone’s benefit.

We’re committed to keeping you up-to-date with everything that’s happening. That means we can organise accompanied site visits during construction.

These site visits will provide you with an opportunity to see the progress that’s been made and ask any additional questions. With safety in mind, these visits will be in adherence to our strict safety policy for all visitors on site.

One of our core design principles is to build sustainable environmentally friendly homes capable of having a low carbon footprint.

During the design phase we implement strategies to maximise the utilisation of your block features, and can provide expert advice about how to incorporate; energy efficient design, sustainable building materials, insulation, solar technology, and other environmentally friendly features throughout your build.

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