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Since 2018, Leppington has regularly appeared as one of the best Sydney suburbs to watch in the next decade. One of Leppington’s selling point is its conduciveness and attractiveness to young families. The suburb has already seen various significant housing developments after the rezoning efforts of the local government. When it comes to lifestyle, ambience, and community development, you can say that Leppington is very family-centric. And with Coles and Woolworths coming to the suburb in 2018, the locality eventually went from strength to strength.

To top all these, improvements in the transportation system arrived in 2018. The changes to NSW rail mean that the T2 train line will commence and end in Leppington. The trains from Leppington will also go through the central hubs like the Inner West and Parramatta on its way to Sydney’s CBD. This revitalisation in the central transport system is the one that sets the transformation of Leppington into a suburb to watch in the next couple of years.

Many community development experts foresee that Leppington will even grow bigger than Camden, Oran Park, and Narellan. 

Leppington is a suburb that has almost the same population growth rate as Sydney. In 2017 alone, there was already a 27% increase in Leppington’s population. Such a number means that the suburb continues to attract new homebuyers and young families.

From 2019, there were more medium and high-density housing established in areas near the train stations. The government also hinted of a higher rate in apartment applications. With all the economic activities happening in South-West Sydney due to the new airport opening in 2026, one can say that Leppington well positioned to benefit from hereon.

Community and Development Plans in Leppington

If you check out Leppington’s infrastructure plan, you’ll see that its local government is proactive in building essential infrastructure and new homes in the area. The first stage of the said community coordinated plan has already been finalised. 

The New South Wales’ Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has been closely coordinating with the Camden Council, communities, and stakeholders to meet the community’s residential and essential infrastructure needs. 

This concerted effort led to the release of more lands for housing means that locals will have better access to a broader range of residential homes that will fit various needs, lifestyle choices, and budgets. 

Currently, the plan envisions to add more than 2,500 new homes. Aside from that, there will be favourable changes in the local amenities located near transport options, and these would include the following: 

  • Recreational land and playing fields near Scalabrini Creek 
  • Major road and railroad upgrades to the Camden Valley 
  • Bridging South West Rail and Leppington Railway Station 
  • More government, community, entertainment, shopping, and job services provided 
  • Major Centre access 
  • A new and improved community centre
  • K-12 school
  • New primary school 


Once all of these plans materialise, it won’t take time for Leppington to be considered as one of the best places to live in South-Western Sydney. 

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