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House and Land Package Spring Farm

If you’re looking for a place to raise a young family that’s far from the toxicity and stresses of the busy city, then Spring Farm might be for you. Spring Farm is a suburb in Sydney’s fast-growing Macarthur Region and is under the Camden Council. On the east of Spring Farm, you’ll find the Nepean River. In the past, the majority of the land there are farmlands with an electricity substation, local winery, and the town’s Advanced Resource Recovery Facility. With its current new housing developments, locals and new residents keen to see a fully-progressive growth into the future. 

Current Developments in Spring Farm

From 2020, there would be an annual increase of 124 dwellings in Spring Farm and this number is expected to climb to 4,058 dwellings in 2036. With the expected surge in the number of residential homes to be built, Spring Farm is extremely popular amongst young families. 

If there’s a great time to purchase house and land packages in Spring Farm, that would be now. Aside from getting these houses at a possibly lower price, you also get to have more choices. You can choose one that’s within walking or a short drive distance from the schools, hospitals, stores, malls, restaurants, and basic social service in town. 

The local government, in partnership with the State government and private sector, have planned recreational centres for the family, shopping malls, parklands, transportation routes, and more public spaces. As of now, Spring Farm’s development plan includes the rise of the following structures: 

  • Housing estates situated in greenfield sites 
  • Subdivisions in existing residential communities known as infill developments 
  • Industrial lands conversion into residential lands 
  • Housing densification through build-ups


If you love nature and green spaces, you can take a stroll down the lake. If you want some quiet time by yourself, you can sip coffee and read a good book at the downtown cafe. If you’re going to watch the day go by, you can sit in the park and marvel at the beauty of the vast Spring Farm skies. If you’re a bit adventurous, you can explore Spring Farm’s extensive walking trails or Camden’s historic town. If you want to enjoy Sydney, you can drive up to the city, that’s only 55 minutes away. 

Your children can also play and marvel around the estate. They can enjoy the parks, equipment, picnic areas, barbecue spots, and local sports fields. You also don’t have to worry about their education as the building of primary, secondary, and tertiary schools are parts of the plan. 

With all these Spring Farm developments, redevelopments, and plans, no doubt that this one of the hottest places to purchase a property in South Western Sydney. 

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