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Project Home Builders vs Luxury Home Builders: What’s The Difference?


Building a new home is one of the most important decisions and biggest investments you will make in a lifetime. Your new home will provide comfort and safety, and will be the place where you create many future happy memories.

Choosing the right builder for such an important project is vital in ensuring you get the right fitting home for you and your family.

Here at Vogue Homes we’re committed to ensuring our clients building journey is as smooth as possible and they end up with a home that is exactly what they’re after. We’ve put together this blog to compare two of the most common types of builders; Project and Luxury, and see which may be the most appropriate to suit their particular needs and lifestyle.

Project v Luxury Builder

Let’s start by defining what a Project and Luxury builder is. We can then begin to get a better picture of the type of service each provides against a set of criteria.

Project Home builders are generally larger companies that build homes from a range of existing fixed designs. They produced a large volume of homes, and any additional home modifications or alterations may involve the incurrence of additional costs. With this type of builder, you can often buy home and land from a packaged price, with different price ranges available to choose from.

Luxury Home builders on the other hand tend to be smaller companies that take on a lower volume of projects. They build unique custom homes using luxury materials and finishes that are specifically matched to a client’s preferences. They offer a greater degree of flexibility and can be designed in-house or by an external architect. While they can be more expensive to build they do offer a greater degree of control to fit in any applicable budgetary requirements.


Project builders generally have set advertised base package prices, as well as a set fee to cover any extra inclusions. It’s important to note that base packages do not include such items as driveways, air conditioning, floor covering and power points, the cost of which will need to be added to your total cost of build.

While there’s a common misconception that Luxury builders will be more expensive, this does not necessarily apply in all cases. Luxury builders quote each building project individually based on either your desired specifications or on your set budget. In this way, a luxury builder has the flexibility to tailor a home build to suit your needs and can work within your specified budget requirements.

Design and Layout

Project home builders work off a limited range of set plans and designs, only allowing for a small margin of change, which can often involve additional costs. This type of build is an appropriate option if you don’t want to design your own home, and are happy to select from a pre-existing design which can often be viewed in display homes.

If however you want the freedom to design your own home a Luxury builder will be a more appropriate option. A Luxury builder will work closely with you and if needed an external architect to design a home that meets your own particular specifications. With this type of build you have the control to choose exactly what you like and incorporate it into your dream home.

Materials and Finishes

Project builders typically use common materials and finishes. Since they purchase building materials in bulk, you generally have a limited choice of options available, and as such you have a limited range from which to add any personal touches.

On the other hand, Luxury builders offer a wider range of features and amenities, and tend to use rare and expensive materials and finishes. They provide a greater flexibility in building materials available and focus on delivering a high-end luxurious product.

Staffing Resources

Project builders tend to have a smaller team of professionals working on your home build. Most of the work is done by tradespeople and sub-contractors, with some specialised work being contracted out to other parties.

Luxury builders typically have a larger team of professionals working on your home build, with each member specialising in a particular area, having intimate knowledge of local building regulations and their area of speciality.


Home construction timeframes can be quite subjective and will really depend on the complexity of your particular build.

Generally project builders will be building a house which is quite similar to their previous building projects, and since there’s no additional complexity, this enables a shorter building time. However since project builders produce a higher volume of homes, any unforeseen circumstances or changes in approvals can result in further delays as your home can lose priority to other projects undertaken by the builder.

With Luxury builders since every building project is different from the last and involves tailored high quality craftsmanship, this will require a longer time to build. This type of build does however offer a greater degree of transparency, as since the project is being managed more individually, any issues can be more promptly dealt with minimising any further delays.

What Does It Mean For Me?

Whichever way you look at it there’s advantages and disadvantages to each type of builder.
When it comes to assessing which is the most appropriate for you, you need to select a builder that is best suited to your particular building project.

If you have a simple block and are content with a standardised building design at a more affordable price, a Project home builder is likely to meet your needs. If however you want to be further involved in your home design and want to include tailored options to better suit your lifestyle, then a Luxury home builder will be a more appropriate option.

Before selecting a builder for your home, it’s important to first determine the type of home you’d like to be built, and then do your research and assess each builder against a set of criteria that matches your needs. Remember to factor in the; price, material and finishes, design and layout, staffing resources, and timeframes, which will all contribute to delivering a home that meets your particular desires and specifications.

We hope this blog has been informative and given you a much better picture about the differences between a Project and Luxury builder.

Here at Vogue Homes we strive to provide a range of quality building options suited to our customer’s preferences and lifestyle needs. We offer a range of award winning standard home designs with the capability of customisation, and also offer custom in-house or externally designed luxury homes.

We’re committed to providing an exceptional level of customer service, and strive to build a comfortable working relationship with our clients, thereby helping to ensure an overall smooth and productive building journey.

For any of your building needs, why not contact us today.