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House and Land Packages Edmondson Park

One of the newest suburbs in South Western Sydney is already embracing new home buyers and families looking for a safe, friendly, and progressive neighbourhood. Edmondson Park used to be farm lots, but after development efforts of the local government, the state government, private developers, and investors, Edmondson Park is now becoming an epicentre of development. 

Edmondson Park Homes Benefits

Currently, in 2020, Edmondson Park has a small population of about 2,300 people, with approximately 22% of its occupants living in rental accommodations. Also, the houses’ current median listing price is estimated at $772,000. This number already saw a 10.24% increase in the past year and is already 8.10% higher compared to the past two years.

In terms of rent, the median rent for houses in Edmondson Park is around $580 per week, with a 3.83% median rental yield. When it comes to the overall market price for Edmondson Park homes and townhouses, the same already yielded an 18.44% increase from last year.

New Developments in Edmondson Park 

Since 2018, Edmondson Park has been the target of different real estate investors. The key players in the real estate industry wanted to transform this suburb and let every resident experience New York-inspired style living. The even better news is this inner-city living experience will come with an affordable price tag.

Since then, Edmondson Park continues to gain interest from investors, first and second-home buyers. Currently, the suburb is seeing a mixture of freestanding homes, luxury apartments and townhouses sprouting in various locations. This trend is expected to continue in the years to come with the news of Sydney’s second airport opening in 2026. The new airport will be 20 minutes driving distance from Edmondson Park.

Best House And Land Packages for Your Family

What makes the development in Edmondson Park unique is the fact that the area sits on top of a vast infrastructure with their train station built first. New apartment developments are circling the train station, and astute homeowners intend to be capitalising on nearby restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and other necessities.

Alongside the development of housing are developments in entertainment, food, and retail precincts. NSW Government prioritises a new primary school for Edmondson Park, and all these will be a walking distance from our House and Land Packages in Edmondson Park.

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